Valves used for filling and draining oil in motors and protectors. Monel and carbon steel. Made in USA

Flexible, hollow cable armor, 1″, 1-1/8″ and 1-1/4″ ID galvanized steel and Monel.

50Sn/50Pb and 60SN/40PB (.125 diameter) acid core solder on 1lb, 5lb, and 20lb spools
95Sn/5Pb Rosin core (.093 diameter) on 5lb, 10lb and 20lb spools
95Sn/5Pb Solid, no core on 5lb spool
95Sn/ 5 antimony, paste form, 1lb spool
SAC 205 solder, 1lb spool
Solder flux (2 oz. cans)

Operating at 300 Watts, the Model 3178 is a true workhorse soldering iron and will handle heavy electrical and sheet metal work. Maximum tip temperature (F) – 1000ºF / 538ºC Overall Length – 14 3/8″ ( 36.5cm) Tip Shank Diameter – 7/8″ (22.2mm)

2-3/8″, 2-7/8″ and 3″ carbon steel and stainless steel.

Used as additional down-hole protection for flat power cable. Dimensions: 8 feet x 1 ½ inches x ½ inch. Materials: galvanized steel or 304 stainless

Uncured Nitrile rod. Used to fill gaps in three conductor round power cable before re-armoring. Size: ¼-inch diameter, length approx. 600 feet per spool

2205 and 316L welded tubing.
O.D. : ¼”, 3/8” and 5/8”
Wall Thickness : .035” and .049”