2″ copper connectors for conductor sizes ranging from 1/7 strand to 8 solid. Used in high-voltage sub pump cable splices. Available in standard AWG, compacted AWG or compressed AWG sizes. Manufactured by M&P Mfg. and Nicopress

For crimping all copper sleeves with X-, P- or J-sized crimping grooves. Used in sub pump cable splices.

Manufactured by Nicopress and Reliable Equipment.

Self-stripping, insulated and moisture-resistant butt connector for 2-wire solid copper conductor combinations of 26-22 AWG (0.4-0.7 mm) having maximum insulation O.D. of .060 inches

Crimping tool for Scotchlok UY connectors.  Stepped jaws and long nose provide parallel crimping action.  Features include a side wire cutter, cushioned handles and a return spring.

TR-P63 Cable Preparation Kit bag includes 6 fast-drying TR-1 wipes, 3 strips of 120-grit non-conductive aluminum oxide sanding cloth and 1 instruction card.  TR-1 Pre-saturated wipes are fast evaporating, non-flammable, non-chlorinated, non-conductive and leave no residue.  For cleaning semi-conducting cable shield, corrosion inhibiting compound, silicone greases, filling gels, transformer oils and many other contaminants found in electrical cleaning.  Wipes limit vapor exposure and eliminates spill and splash hazards.