High-voltage splice cleaner. Non-flammable, fast evaporation, no residue.

TR-P63 Cable Preparation Kit bag includes 6 fast-drying TR-1 wipes, 3 strips of 120-grit non-conductive aluminum oxide sanding cloth and 1 instruction card.  TR-1 Pre-saturated wipes are fast evaporating, non-flammable, non-chlorinated, non-conductive and leave no residue.  For cleaning semi-conducting cable shield, corrosion inhibiting compound, silicone greases, filling gels, transformer oils and many other contaminants found in electrical cleaning.  Wipes limit vapor exposure and eliminates spill and splash hazards.

For crimping all copper sleeves with X-, P- or J-sized crimping grooves. Used in sub pump cable splices.

Manufactured by Nicopress and Reliable Equipment.

Pneumatic pusher-type combination steel banding tool for ¾” seal and banding. 700 RPM = 1100 lbs tension (slower take-up, higher tension) Using standard push-type seals, this tool is designed for small or irregularly shaped packages. The strap is tensioned by feedwheel, sealed and cut off. Requires 60-85 psi working air pressure. Weighs 11 lbs.

Parts for Fromm A480. A complete line of new replacement parts for the model A480 pneumatic banding tool. We keep more than 80 different parts in stock for immediate shipping.

Box enclosure protects pneumatic filter/regulator/lubricator while allowing connections via quick connect couplers.  Box features a carrying handle, hanger hooks, sturdy steel construction and ¼ turn style latch.

MIP 1120 For cutting a single down-notch into the edge of the ¾” wide seal and banding on each side of the seal.

SSN34HD Heavy Duty, Single Notch, Manual Sealer, for 3/4″ push-type banding seals.  Cuts a single up-cut notch on each side of the seal.

686D heavy-duty, push-type tensioner for use on steel banding ¾” – 1-¼” wide

DF10RW Heavy duty steel banding dispenser. Holds ¾” – 1 ¼” wide banding steel on 16” ID, ribbon or oscillate wound coils.

Model 1704 measurer is designed to measure heavy and large diameter material such as wire rope and large diameter power cable. The pivot arms and springs keep the measuring roller tightly clamped against the cable for accurate measurement. Counters feature large, easy-to-read numerals in feet or feet and inches ( meters and decimeters optional).

Operating at 300 Watts, the Model 3178 is a true workhorse soldering iron and will handle heavy electrical and sheet metal work. Maximum tip temperature (F) – 1000ºF / 538ºC Overall Length – 14 3/8″ ( 36.5cm) Tip Shank Diameter – 7/8″ (22.2mm)

Cutting Tools

WIss M1R for carbon steel and M2R-S1 for stainless steel.

Capacity up to 1000 MCM copper and high-leverage cable cutter up to 2/0 copper

Adjustable cable stripper for removed H.D. polythene or PVC insulation from aluminum and copper conductors.

Crimping tool for Scotchlok UY connectors.  Stepped jaws and long nose provide parallel crimping action.  Features include a side wire cutter, cushioned handles and a return spring.