Cable Bands

¾”-wide pre-cut banding material with integrated seal. Standard lengths are 22″, 32″ and 42″ and can have either a 1″-long closed back seal or a 7/8″-long overlap back seal.

Can be made of .020″x3/4″ and .025″x3/4″ banding material in 304 and 316L grade Stainless Steel, Monel 400 and High-Tensile Painted Carbon Steel.

1.25″-wide, precut banding with integrated seal made of 1.25″ wide .030 thick 304 stainless steel and high-tensile painted carbon steel. Standard lengts of 24-3/4″, 30″, 33″ or 36″ lengths.

All bands are manufactured by The KEEP Company